Shopping List

The book Building Wireless Sensor Networks by Robert Faludi, O’Reilly Press (optional but very highly recommended)


At least 2 XBee Series 2 devices. XB24-Z7WIT-004 is the model tested with XBeeClient and recommended in Building Wireless Sensor Networks.


One XBee Dongle necessary for connecting XBees to your PC for configuration as well as for running programs on your computer that communicate with XBees on your Gadgeteer creations.


At least 1 XBee Adapter Module from GHI Electronics for adding XBee devices to your Gadgeteer creations.


A Gadgeteer Mainboard.

  • XBeeClient has been tested with the Spider mainboard from GHI Electronics, but should work with other mainboards such as the Hydra. It will not work yet with the Cerberus mainboard from GHI Electronics because XBeeClient is targeted to the .Net Micro Framework version 4.1

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