Jul 5, 2013 at 8:05 PM
I have attempted install on a Yoga 13 using Windows 8 by clicking the MSI installation package. The package appears to install, but the xBeeClient does not show up in the toolbox.

I manually added the DLL to my project references as the xBeeClient libraryies did not show up.

I attempted to manually add to the toolbox using "Choose Items" and selecting the DLL, but an error message pops up stating that there are no items that can be added to the toolbox.

Any ideas on how to manually add the xBeeClient to the project?
Jul 5, 2013 at 10:01 PM
Found that the MSI had installed the toolbox, however it was not visible.

By right clicking on the toolbox and checking "show all" the Gadgeteer Community toolbox shows up.

This raises another issue. If using Gadgeteer .NETMF 4.2 project type, the XBeeClient is greyed out. The same issue is noticed for the default Gadgeteer project type.

However, using the Gadgeteer .NETMF 4.1 project type, the XBeeClient can be used.
Jul 5, 2013 at 10:49 PM
How to manually add your XBeeClient in .NETMF 4.2
  1. Install the MSI
  2. Create a Gadgeteer .NETMF 4.2 project
  3. Manually add a reference to the GTM.Community.XBeeClient.PC.dll
  4. Open Program.generated.cs file and add the following:
    4.a Under "public partial class Program : Gadgeteer.Program {" add "private GTM.Community.XBeeClient xBeeClient;"
    4.b Under " private void InitializeModules() {" add "this.xBeeClient = new GTM.Community.XBeeClient(socketnumber);" where socket number is the socket for your XBee
Apr 6, 2014 at 5:26 PM
This XBeeClient library code looks professional and even it is missing features, I became interested in it.
So I have tried to use the XBeeClient in my GHI Cobra II compliant board that supports only .NETMF 4.2.
In my test program I add manually the reference to GTM.Community.XBeeClent.dll when the build succeeds.
However, the deploy fails because dll needs some 4.1 assemblies as follows:
Assembly: GTM.Community.XBeeClient ( needs assembly 'mscorlib' (4.1.2821.0)
Assembly: GTM.Community.XBeeClient ( needs assembly 'Gadgeteer' (
Assembly: GTM.Community.XBeeClient ( needs assembly 'Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware' (4.1.2821.0)
Assembly: GTM.Community.XBeeClient ( needs assembly 'Microsoft.SPOT.Native' (4.1.2821.0)
Assembly: XBee_API_Test_Gadgerteer ( needs assembly 'GTM.Community.XBeeClient' (
Error: a3000000

The very same happens both with the installed release (msi) and with the .dll compiled in a new NETMF 4.2 project where I have added the source code.
What should I do to correct the referencies?
It would be very nice to have a newer release in CodePlex for NETMF 4.2?