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An extremely easy Xbee library for .Net Gadgeteer

February 12 2013, updated to work with Net MF 4.2, and added a hydra sample.

Alpha Release is available. Go to the Downloads tab to download the XBeeClient MSI which will install the Gadgeteer Module. The zip file also includes an Interactive Console for the PC. Please see the Getting Started guide.

Download the latest source code which is fully functional and ready for review.

XBee Series 2 support only, no support for 802.15.4

Sample Projects

Documentation Table of Contents

Functional Test Status

You can run these tests using the Interactive Console, see the Getting Started Guide in Downloads.

Test Passed? Notes
AT Commands green-checkmark.jpg Only SH so far
Node Discovery green-checkmark.jpg
Upload Short Broadcast String green-checkmark.jpg
Upload Short String green-checkmark.jpg
Upload Medium Broadcast String green-checkmark.jpg
Upload Medium String green-checkmark.jpg
Upload Large Broadcast String green-checkmark.jpg
Upload Large String green-checkmark.jpg

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